Aldi, the award-winning discount food retailer, has now secured planning permission to develop a new discount food store at Greendykes Road, Broxburn. The planning application ref. no. 0512/FUL/20 was approved on 8 February 2021. Information on the planning application can be assessed by using the reference number on this webpage:

The proposals will see a new, modern food store development to serve Broxburn and improve the range and quality of shopping provision within the local area.  The proposals will would introduce a brand-new discount store at Broxburn, reducing the need for customers to travel to other stores to complete their grocery shopping and provide the local community with access to Aldi’s high-quality offer and award-winning low prices.

Aldi consulted on the proposals during June 2020, and received over 250 responses from the public, with 97% indicating their support. Following the consultation process, a planning application was submitted to West Lothian Council, which has now been approved.

Now planning has been secured, Aldi are required to secure an alcohol license and address the small number of conditions which have been included on the planning permission. When these items have been dealt with, construction can begin with this currently scheduled to start in May 2021 and the store due to open to the public in March 2022.

Aldi would like to thank the public for their continued interest in this proposal for an Aldi store at Broxburn.