Aldi, the award-winning discount food retailer, is proposing to develop a new discount food store in Hazlehead, Aberdeen.

The proposals would see a new, modern food store development to serve Hazlehead and improve the range and quality of shopping provision within the local area.  The proposal would introduce a brand-new discount store at Hazlehead, reducing the need for customers to travel to other stores to complete their grocery shopping and provide the local community with access to Aldi’s high quality offer and award-winning low prices.

The proposed scheme will deliver a 1,315 sq.m net food store, with associated parking and landscaping. New pathways are also proposed to the newly developed housing estate to the north, together with an internal walking route enabling easier and safer access to the store, whilst encouraging travel by sustainable means.

Aldi consulted on the proposals during May and June 2020, and received over 330 responses from the public, with 65% indicating their support. The project team have now reviewed all comments received and have amended our proposals where possible in response. For example, this includes the addition of a new path on the north side of Countesswells Road to enhance walking access to the store and also additional soft landscaping on the site perimeter to further improve the appearance of the development.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their views on the development proposals.

Following this review, we have now submitted a formal planning application to Aberdeen City Council for a new Class 1 (retail) discount food store and associated works, which has now been validated by the Council, with reference number 200659/DPP. The full application can be viewed at the below link:

There is now an opportunity to make your views known to the Council, who will consider these as part of the determination of the application. This review will be undertaken alongside the feedback received during our consultation. Full details of this feedback, and our response to it, is contained within the submitted Report of Consultation.

We have also taken this opportunity to update our Frequently Asked Questions, which can be viewed here, specifically answering queries raised during our consultation events.

Thank you for your continued interest in this proposed Aldi store at Hazlehead.

The exhibition boards that were used during the consultation process can be viewed here.