Aldi is pleased to announce that a planning application for a new discount food store in Pelsall was submitted to Walsall Council in September. As part of the proposals, Aldi will provide substantial contributions to the local community.

Section 106 contributions are given to the local authority to improve or create new facilities locally. This means that new or upgraded facilities will be funded as part of Aldi’s proposals to compensate for the loss of the unused and derelict playing field at the rear of the proposal site.

These contributions will enable significant investment in the local area and could see local sporting facilities considerably improved.

Research has concluded that the development would not have a material operational impact on the local highway network and the proposed Aldi food store would not have a negative impact on other businesses in the local area. The role of an Aldi store is to meet main food shopping needs, competing with large supermarkets rather than small, independent retailers. The proposed store will have little or no negative effects on smaller, specialist retailers such as those in Pelsall Local Centre. In fact, the proposed Aldi is likely to help those retailers by keeping main food shopping more local. This is likely to see a greater number of local people visiting the local shops more frequently than they do now.

Aldi has had positive conversations with local stakeholders, including Pelsall Cricket Club, which neighbours the site. Discussions are also being progressed with a local primary school about the possibility of working together in the future if Aldi’s plans are approved.

If you have any questions regarding the planning application or would like to know more, you can contact a member of the project team on the Freephone information line 0800 298 7040 or email